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About Us

At Cowichan Housing Association (CHA), we believe adequate, suitable, affordable housing is foundational to healthy individuals, families, and communities. We are committed to bringing key partners together within the housing sector to create affordable housing opportunities, share resources, and enhance collaboration.


Through community development, research, and programming which incorporates housing loss prevention strategies, we work to increase affordable housing options and to reduce homelessness throughout the Cowichan Region.

Our History

Cowichan Housing Association (CHA) is the outcome of preliminary work by the Regional Affordable Housing Directorate (RAHD), a committee created under Social Planning Cowichan (SPC). Initially, the RAHD began researching affordable housing and homelessness prevention in the region. After the release of the 2010 Affordable Housing Strategy, developed by SPC, the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) invited the RAHD and SPC to consult with the community regarding affordable housing. One of the main recommendations arising from these sessions was the formation of a new association to implement project ideas found within the report. This led to incorporation of CHA in 2015.


On October 20, 2018, establishment of the CVRD Regional Housing Service was approved by public referendum. Bylaw 4201 was adopted by the CVRD to provide an annual financial contribution service to CHA to assist with providing programs and services related to affordable housing and homelessness prevention and response in the CVRD.


On April 11th, 2018, bylaw 4201 was adopted, the Regional Housing Service was established, and CHA is entrusted to oversee this service.

Our Strategic Priorities

Based on the needs of the Cowichan community, and the mandate of CHA, three strategic priorities have been identified. All involve activities that aim to strengthen the ability of the community as a whole, and to develop and create affordable housing.

Our Work

We work to build community capacity for increasing affordable housing by:


  • Providing funding and capital contributions to help promote the development of affordable housing

  • Providing research and data to inform the development of affordable housing and the delivery of housing loss prevention programming

  • Enabling connection and facilitating collaboration between relevant groups/organizations to move key projects forward

  • Helping individuals maintain or gain housing through housing loss prevention and homelessness reduction programming

  • Conducting research to analyze, assess needs and gaps, and ensure future planning for the spectrum of support requirements in our local communities

  • Promoting innovative solutions to housing challenges and issues surrounding people experiencing varying degrees of homelessness within the Cowichan Region.

Statement of DEIA
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Statement of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Access

Cowichan Housing Association strives to uplift voices that are traditionally marginalized and to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. We care deeply about making an informed impact, and we value diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in all areas of our work.

We are committed to creating a culture of respect and dignity. We welcome all who pass through our doors, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, household composition, housing status, and/or belief system.


We believe people are all equal and worthy of compassion and respect, and this belief is reflected in our work throughout the community.

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