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Regional Housing Trust

Regional Housing Service

The adoption of CVRD Bylaw 4201 in 2018, established the Regional Housing Service (RHS) to provide programs and services related to affordable housing and homelessness prevention in the Cowichan Region.

The two primary goals are:

  • To increase local funds for affordable housing, to leverage funds from other sources, and to incentivize the development of affordable and attainable housing options in the Cowichan Region.

  • To provide the expertise, knowledge, and support to local communities to develop affordable housing projects.


The RHS is funded through the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

The purpose RHS programs is to provide funding support to local organizations for affordable housing projects, from the concept stage to construction or renovation. A key aim of the program is to leverage resources from other funders.


The key components of the program are:

Project Development 
Fund (PDF)

The goal of this grant is to support organizations developing affordable housing during the pre-construction phase.

Rental Housing Capital Contribution Fund (RHCCF)

This fund supports the development of new affordable rental housing stock as well as emergency shelters and second stage housing.

Emergency Contingency
Fund (ECF)

This grant was created to respond to an influx of demand or a sudden loss of supply due to an emergency situation (i.e., fire, floods, sudden eviction, etc.).

CHA may be able to assist organizations developing affordable housing projects through...

  • Providing information on alternative funding options including government and non-government sources

  • Supporting projects from development to completion, by providing direct support and/or linking proponents to regional expertise

  • Identifying potential partnerships that can assist projects including corporate, non-profit and government

  • Fostering improved understanding of the development process and requirements for obtaining approvals and permits related to local government rezoning, design, and building

  • Providing tools to implement best practices for consultations and communications and foster positive community engagement

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