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Cowichan's Indigenous-Centered Coordinated Access System

Setting the Stage for Coordinated Access

We are currently in the development phase of co-creating Cowichan’s Indigenous-Centered Coordinated Access System which will connect people to the housing and supports they need in a timely fashion. It will provide:


-          Streamlined access to supports and housing for people experiencing homelessness

-          Equity of access to appropriate resources

-          A shared intake and assessment process across all service providers

-          Prioritization of those most in need of assistance

-          A shared information system so that people won’t have to tell their story over and over


Our goal is to have this new system in place by March 31, 2024.

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What is Coordinated Access?

Coordinated Access involves a connected system where individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness or are at-risk of homelessness are directed to community access points where a shared assessment tool is used by trained staff to evaluate an individual or family’s depth of need, prioritize them for housing support services, and help match them to available housing-focused interventions.

Why is Coordinated Access Important?

Coordinated Access is the most effective way to serve people with housing challenges. It is not a program; it is an integrated process that streamlines access to available services in a community.


Without a coordinated approach, those in crisis must navigate a complicated web of connected – but uncoordinated – services. They are forced to repeat their story multiple times and place themselves on numerous waiting lists to have their housing issues addressed.


Using a person-centred approach reduces the frequency of a mismatch between peoples’ needs and the services they access, poorer housing outcomes, continued diminished quality of life, and inefficient use of limited resources.

To learn more about the Coordinated Access System, click below.
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Service Provider Page

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Individuals Seeking Support Page

For more information on the work being done to create a Coordinated Access System contact our Community Development Coordinator at 250-597-1938 ex 2
or send an email here.

Coordinated Access is a community initiative made possible through funding from 

Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy and the United Way.

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